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As Riots Follow Freddie Gray’s Death in Baltimore, Calls for Calm Ring Hollow

“When nonviolence is preached as an attempt to evade the repercussions of political brutality, it betrays itself. When nonviolence begins halfway through the war with the aggressor calling time out, it exposes itself as a ruse.”

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▶ Don’t Stay in School

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Where Do Negative Stereotypes About Feminists Come From?

“A more systematic investigation into what people think about feminists found that many people think that feminists are ugly, uptight, angry, aggressive, harsh, strident, demanding, dogmatic, man-hating lesbians… or think other people think they are. Only 26 percent of people say that feminist is a positive term.”

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Strong Female Lead: A Feminist Golden Globes Show

“Last night’s Golden Globes show was the exception that proved the rule: It featured not a single, notable moment of politics-laid-bare, but rather an ongoing infusion of those moments. From its honoring of culturally progressive shows like Transparent and Jane the Virgin to its scripted jokes and banter, the show was uncommonly unified in its political message. And that message was: feminism. (Actually, more accurately, it was a more emphatically Beyonce-esque FEMINISM.) As a theme, this was presented with the aggression of nonchalance—feminism (FEMINISM) not as something to be debated or discussed or thinkpieced, but as something that’s as present and unmistakable as the disco-ball gowns that swathed so many of the women on last night’s red carpet.”

via Strong Female Lead: A Feminist Golden Globes Show – The Atlantic.

Stop thanking me for my service

“We use the term hero in part because it makes us feel good and in part because it shuts soldiers up which, believe me, makes the rest of us feel better. Labeled as a hero, it’s also hard to think twice about putting your weapons down. Thank yous to heroes discourage dissent, which is one reason military bureaucrats feed off the term.”

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The warped world of 1950s marriage counselling

“When I heard about the demise of the Journal, I decided to look at the history of ‘Can This Marriage Be Saved?’. What I found, dipping into the columns published across decades, was the archive of unhappiness that I remembered, full of thrown dishes, turned backs and late-night screaming matches. But I also read a starkly misogynist vision of proper wifeliness that shocked me in its matter-of-factness. We’re used to thinking of the 1950s ‘housewife’ as a vague, happy caricature on gift-shop mugs and postcards – vacuuming in pearls, offering a post-work martini to the returning husband. In its intimate individual details, this advice column resurrects a sharper history, showing the array of cruelties that this kind of marriage could entail, the number of wives who resisted their roles, and the way that mainstream culture tried to put them in their place.”

via The warped world of 1950s marriage counselling – Rebecca Onion – Aeon.

A Glimpse At How The Media Treated Women This Year Is A Look At Way Too Many Cringe-Worthy Moments

“OK, all together now: Let\’s tune in when women are being respected and tune out when they\’re not. Our actions will demonstrate that anything other than equality is unacceptable.”

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My embarrassing picture went viral

“…they hadn’t really thought of me as a person. Why should they? These images are throwaways, little bursts of amusement to get through a long workday. You look, you chuckle, you get some ridicule off your chest and move on to the next source of distraction. No one thought about the possibility that I might read those words. Far less, that I would talk back.”

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Lady Spanking: From Kiss Me Kate to Comic Books

“Lauren McGuire pointed us to a post by Gilligan at Retrospace inspired by a scene in the 1963 Western, McLintock!  The movie included a scene in which George McLintock, played by John Wayne, uses a shovel to spank his estranged wife, played by Maureen O’Hara.”

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From the Mouths of Rapists: The Lyrics of Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines

“Robin Thicke’s summer hit Blurred Lines addresses what he considers to be sounds like a grey area between consensual sex and assault. The images in this post place the song into a real-life context.  They are from Project Unbreakable, an online photo essay exhibit, and feature images of women and men holding signs with sentences that their rapist said before, during, or after their assault.   Let’s begin.”

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