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Lumbersexuals and White Heteromasculine Pageantry

“Similar to hipster masculinity, “lumbersexual” is a classification largely reserved for young, straight, white, and arguably class-privileged men. While some position lumbersexuals as the antithesis of the metrosexual, others understand lumbersexuals as within a spectrum of identity options made available by metrosexuality. defines the lumbersexual as “a sexy man who dresses in denim, leather, and flannel, and has a ruggedly sensual beard.”

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Cameron Russell: Looks aren’t everything. Believe me, I’m a model.

“Cameron Russell admits she won “a genetic lottery”: she’s tall, pretty and an underwear model. But don’t judge her by her looks. In this fearless talk, she takes a wry look at the industry that had her looking highly seductive at barely 16-years-old.”

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Power and the Gaze: What Does Resistance Look Like?

“In 1975, Mulvey conceptualized the gaze as the power derived by the viewer when they cast their glance upon a hierarchized, usually female, body. This idea perfectly captures the way a subject on film is both frozen in a time and space, and consumed. I want to turn that around, in a more kyriarchal and postmodern fashion, and allot power to the subject.”

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14 Wonderfully Sassy Vintage Valentines From Suffragists

“In the 1910s, American suffragists would take advantage of holidays including Valentine’s Day to send postcards to politicians and loved ones advocating for votes for women.”

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Where Do Negative Stereotypes About Feminists Come From?

“A more systematic investigation into what people think about feminists found that many people think that feminists are ugly, uptight, angry, aggressive, harsh, strident, demanding, dogmatic, man-hating lesbians… or think other people think they are. Only 26 percent of people say that feminist is a positive term.”

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Why That ‘Like A Girl’ Super Bowl Ad Was So Groundbreaking

“Always, one of the biggest makers of feminine care products (the things women use during their period), debuted a 60-second spot during Sunday night’s game, highlighting the brand’s “Like A Girl” campaign. The ad push, which began last summer, shows differences in how young women, boys and young girls perceive the phrase, “like a girl.” The Super Bowl ad won kudos all over the Internet for changing the conversation about what it means to run, throw and do pretty much any activity “like a girl.”

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Disney Totally Changed Its Princesses 25 Years Ago — And No One Noticed

“We’ve seen a whole host of changes to Disney’s pantheon of princesses over the years, but one of the biggest ones occurred with almost no fanfare more than 25 years ago — and it’s been hiding in plain sight ever since.”

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Women’s Ideal Body Types Throughout History

“This video shows over 3,000 years of women’s ideal body types as determined by their societies’ standard of beauty.”


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Strong Female Lead: A Feminist Golden Globes Show

“Last night’s Golden Globes show was the exception that proved the rule: It featured not a single, notable moment of politics-laid-bare, but rather an ongoing infusion of those moments. From its honoring of culturally progressive shows like Transparent and Jane the Virgin to its scripted jokes and banter, the show was uncommonly unified in its political message. And that message was: feminism. (Actually, more accurately, it was a more emphatically Beyonce-esque FEMINISM.) As a theme, this was presented with the aggression of nonchalance—feminism (FEMINISM) not as something to be debated or discussed or thinkpieced, but as something that’s as present and unmistakable as the disco-ball gowns that swathed so many of the women on last night’s red carpet.”

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