Strong Female Lead: A Feminist Golden Globes Show

“Last night’s Golden Globes show was the exception that proved the rule: It featured not a single, notable moment of politics-laid-bare, but rather an ongoing infusion of those moments. From its honoring of culturally progressive shows like Transparent and Jane the Virgin to its scripted jokes and banter, the show was uncommonly unified in its political message. And that message was: feminism. (Actually, more accurately, it was a more emphatically Beyonce-esque FEMINISM.) As a theme, this was presented with the aggression of nonchalance—feminism (FEMINISM) not as something to be debated or discussed or thinkpieced, but as something that’s as present and unmistakable as the disco-ball gowns that swathed so many of the women on last night’s red carpet.”

via Strong Female Lead: A Feminist Golden Globes Show – The Atlantic.

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