De-Partisaned: What Would You Sacrifice to Save the World?

“I was talking about the fact that the US clearly is going to do absolutely nothing about climate change with a friend who is a conservative Christian writer.  You probably know her name, but she’s asked that this column keep her anonymous for now.  She and I have been corresponding on and off for a couple of years, because while we are radically opposed on a number of issues politically, we tend to agree on climate change, peak oil and the economy.  We have had some lively debates and occasionally offended each other, but never past saving, and recently, talking about our lack of action on these issues, she asked me a question:“If I could deliver a lot of conservative votes on say, climate legislation or make peak oil a focal issue among a large group of conservatives, what would you and the people you influence  be willing to compromise on to work across the aisle?  Sharon, are you just writing another column about how people really should should work together, or are you serious?  What political ground would you give to work seriously on these issues?  Because what I see is that the left only wants us to give ground.  I’m sure the right looks the same way to you.  We both agree that we need to move past the barrier issues like gay marriage and abortion but that won’t happen unless someone is willing to give ground.  What would you give up on those issues and others?  We could probably get very limited cross-aisle participation on very narrow and specific issues, but if you actually wanted to organize deep change, you’d have to figure out a way people who feel strongly on those issues can feel they’ve met in the middle somehow and can live with their compromises.”

via De-Partisaned: What Would You Sacrifice to Save the World? – Casaubons Book.

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